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Untitled design-2.png
Untitled design-2.png
handcrafted beaded treasures for the modern bohemian

Looking back, I was fortunate to grow up surrounded by wonderful & creative women, great grandmothers, grandmothers, neighbors, and my mother.  All were painters, seamstresses, and had creative eyes for unusual treasures and art.  


My drive for creative outlets started young.  I took ballet and sewing classes.  I painted and drew anytime I could get my hands on the right tools.  


It was when I was twelve, Mom and I got our hands on a box full of old seed beads from the 1920s at an antique market in New Jersey.  As soon as I laid eyes on the sparkly little glass beads, I was hooked.  I started making jewelry for myself, friends, and family.  My grandmother started finding me unusual costume jewelry from estate sales and antique stores.  I started using those beads and components in my jewelry.  My collection and passion grew.  


Since I can remember, I have always been attracted to ethnic and tribal jewelry. I have continued my fascination and have further explored the adornment of Middle Eastern, Indian, and African tribes. Through this exploration, I began to discover colors and textures that inspired me and started incorporating these styles into my own designs.  

I began using loom and stitch work after I inherited a Cherokee bead loom from my aunt.  I fell in love with the technique and patterns that could be created. 



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