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beads, bones & stones

adorn your home with Wall jewelry

Being inspired by ethnic and tribal jewelry traditions, I taught myself new techniques and sought beads, components, and treasures that told a story. My treasured antique Cherokee bead loom, which was gifted to me by my aunt and gifted to her by my grandmother, was the beginning of my journey and love of loom beadwork. I studied Native American patterns and adornments, I honored the seamstresses in my family by free hand stitching into the looms and vintage silks, and created a style that could be used in statement jewelry pieces or sparkling wall adornments. “Beads, Bones, & Stones” is a culmination of all that I have collected and learned.  This body of work represents the journey of rediscovering childhood’s connection with nature & magic and how it has a deeper meaning in the adventures of adulthood. Each piece has a vague title and I hope it represents a relationship or memory with each viewer.

It is important for me to have an emotional attachment to each component that goes into my pieces and set an intention as I work. My hope is that the story of where each component comes from carries into my journey & energy of creating the piece and to the artwork’s final home. 

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purchase information and questions:

"torn, but still soaring" vintage cut glass seed beads from the 1920s, rutilated quartz over luna moth wing remnant, antique metal sequins, antique sari silk, driftwood, duck feathers sold

"tales of tribes" raccoon jawbone; vintage seed beads, a remnant of antique Egyptian assuit; quartz points; Kuchi tassels and charms (nomadic tribe Afghanistan) sold

"heirloom" antique seed beads 1920s; antique tatted flower; mother of pearl button; vintage sterling silver dragonfly; sunstone; selenite wand; quartz; copper wire; driftwood SOLD

"finders keepers" vintage seed beads from 1920s, rutilated quartz over swallowtail wing remnant; antique metal sequins; Kuchi charms (nomadic tribe Afghanistan); sea urchin quills sold

"kept in the family" vintage estate cloisonne butterfly brooch; antique seed beads; sea urchin quills; sari silk; driftwood sold

"Calming Moon" Blue calcite palm stone: handmade ceramic beads by Petalouda pottery; ammonite; coral; driftwood; glass seed beaded loom pendant SOLD

"Creative Heart" Large labradorite heart; carnelian; copper; black spinel; amazonite; pyrite; driftwood; yellow chalcedony sold

"Cleansed by the Moon" Carved teak open hands bowl; selenite palm stone; selenite carved moon; selenite wands; freshwater pearls; moonstone; stick agate, opalized ammonite sold

"Between" Beaded Loom pendant mounted on driftwood and embellished with quartz, garden quartz, smoky quartz, fossilized coral moon, chalcedony, hand painted Krobo beads, and chartreuse opal. $375

"The Offering" deer antlers; polychrome jasper; zulu basket; Kuchi (nomadic tribe Afghanistan) components; vintage carved bone beads (African); sea urchin spines; carnelian; smoky quartz; amazonite; bison tooth; aragonite; quartz $455

"Spirit" elk shed; quartz point mined in Arkansas; Mother of Pearl hands and buttons; turquoise; vintage coral; black spinel; blue chalcedony; large quartz cluster; Kuchi (nomadic tribe of Afghanistan) components SOLD

"Surviving the Storm" carved bone mermaid; vintage coral; kyanite; recycled glass trade beads (Ghana); sea urchins spines; dendrite opal; white coral; blue coral; vintage glass; fossilized ammonite; antique sari silk; driftwood $365

"Playful Nature" carved bone spiral; variscite; smoky quartz, various colored chalecedony; amber; peach moonstone; amazonite; brass bells; turkey feathers; driftwood $375

"Gift" peacock baroque pearls; pyrite; grape agate; smoky quartz; rutilated quartz; flower of peach agate; driftwood $385

"Treasure" Slab of Ocean Jasper; ancient Roman glass beads; carved ocean jasper butterflies; Kuchi (nomadic tribe of Afghanistan) components; antique skeleton keys; smoky quartz; pyrite; red creek jasper sold

"Tribe" Stick agate; driftwood; Kuchi (nomadic tribe of Afghanistan) components; carved wood skulls; jasper; citrine; pyrite; pyrite ammonite fossil; recycled glass beads (Ghana); quartz $365

"Sunset Reliquary" carved antler raven skull, turquoise, stone & fossil bowl, antique carved bone beads (Africa); blue glass trade beads (Africa); driftwood; stones picked up on the shores of Scotland, citrine $365 *really hard to photograph, contact for my pictures!

"Protected" Deer pelvis; hematite quartz specimen; white ammonite fossil; garden quartz; sea urchins spines; Kuchi (nomadic tribe of Afghanistan) components; pyrite; antique carved bone trade beads (Africa) SOLD

"Juju" Loom pendant was created using a pattern my 5 year old daughter drew. I am always opened to commissions and can create a template for someone to create a pattern that I can loom into a very special and unique piece of beaded art. NFS

"Reach" large aragonite cluster; sculptural wood piece; cast brass beads; brass bells; sea urchin spines; vintage coral; jasper; pyrite sold

"Myth" deer skull, turkey feathers, driftwood; clear & smoky quartz; carved shell feather; druzy; pyrite; freshwater pearls; vintage sari silk; Kuchi components; shell picked up on Clinch River SOLD

"Protection" Handmade ceramic beads by Petalouda pottery; larimar; amazonite; quartz; sea urchin spines; Kuchi components; black chalcedony; cast copper skull beads; pink opal; driftwood SOLD

"New Journey" The beginning of this collection. 1960 Montana Crazy Lace Agate; Mother of pearl button w/shark tooth; aragonite cluster (morocco); sea urchin spine; quartz crystal; driftwood sold

"Rooted" Ocean Jasper; vintage coral beads, hand-carved hand (bone-Indonesia); driftwood; carved bone moon face (Indonesia); carved ocean jasper butterfly SOLD

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